Lantech's manufacturing plant is multi-purpose and comprises of five production blocks that include various equipments such as Reactors, Centrifuges, Filters, Dryers Blenders, Multi Mills, Microniser, etc. All plants have a combination of SS and Glass Lined Reactors of different capacities and capabilities, which include, Hydrogenation, Bromination, Chlorination, Oxidation Reduction, Condensation, and High Vacuum Distillation.


  • Factory
  • R&D

Research and Development Centre (DSIR Approved)

Incepted in 2015, Lantech research and development centre is spread across 10,000 Sq Ft in Hyderabad. With a group of scientists expertising in pharmacy and a team of over 40 researchers, this wing has succeeded in hosting a full fledged R&D department with state of the art facility. Lantech R&D carries a single minded objective- ‘Innovation above all’ giving the company a unique ability to bolster the market with unique products and processing techniques.

Organization is the key. We believe in maintaining regulatory quality standards, upholding the norms and delivering our services with utmost integrity at all levels of business. Establishing in synthesis, analysis and intellectual property rights (IPR), we have the ability to service large range orders and therapeutic categories. Having an R&D facility has helped Lantech develop cost effective, non infringing and innovative processes for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We also find it easy to adapt to the changing international regulations and aid mankind with adequate medicine, made of quality at affordable prices. Despite a stringent patent regime, Lantech thrives in the joy of helping mankind above all, making us a humble company that dares to dream.